Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cooperation - Systems of the Body


Shannon said...

Pre-K to 1st Grade Level:
Bones and Joints:
Inside your outside! by Rabe, Tish. (Good)
Your insides by Cole, Joanna. (Boring but does include neat see-thru pages)
Me and my amazing body by Sweeney, Joan (Good)
Outside-in : a lift-the-flap body book by Smallman, Clare. (Flaps are neat)

Dem bones by Barner, Bob (Good, but does include “tail”)
The skeleton inside you by Balestrino, Philip. (Good)
You can't see your bones with binoculars : a guide to your 206 bones by Ziefert, Harriet. (Good)

Bones and Muscles:
My bones and muscles by Rau, Dana Meachen (Good)

The Digestive System:
The Magic School Bus inside the human body (Excellent)
What happens to a hamburger by Showers, Paul. (Good)
My stomach by Rau, Dana Meachen (Good)

Respiratory System:
Breathe in, breathe out by Nettleton, Pamela Hill. (Good)

Circulatory System:
A drop of blood by Showers, Paul. (Good)
Hear your heart by Showers, Paul (Good)

Nervous System:
Think, think, think : learning about your brain by Nettleton, Pamela Hill. (Good)

Excretory System:
Everyone Poops by Gomi, Taro. (Good)

Shannon said...

We just did this unit again. My children are pre-school through 4th grade. I posted the books we used this time around at . If you scroll down toward the bottom, you can see the lessons we did each week along with the books we enjoyed for each of those weeks.