Saturday, June 18, 2011


Welcome to the KONOS book list collective.  One of the strengths of KONOS in addition to the rich wealth of hands-on activities is found in the depth and breadth of the books we get to read with our children!  There truly is no end to what we can learn with our kids when we have a wealth of information available to us in the books we read!  But the books libraries carry are always fluxuating as new books are written making it challenging at times to find the books listed in the volumes.  Hence the birth of this book list collective.

This place is designed to be a wonderful resource where we can share the gems that we've found that have made the topics in our unit studies come alive in addition to the books and resources that are listed in the volumes.  Feel free to include imagination inspiring books, movies, CD's, youtube clips and helpful websites, etc so that we can all benefit from what each of us has done.  The character traits are indexed along the side bar.  Click on the trait that you are either wanting to list or find resources for and scan down for your specific unit topic!  If we all pitch in, we can stash a wealth of information here!

If for some reason, you are having trouble leaving a comment shoot me an email: cultivated lives at (no spaces) and I will see what I can do to help straighten everything out!

Enjoy the adventure of discovery and delight as you learn and explore alongside your children!

Endurance - Russia

Cooperation - Systems of the Body

Cooperation - Bees

Cooperation - States and Regions

Cooperation - Town and Community

Cooperation - Family and Church

Determination - General

Determination - Olympics and Physical Skills

Determination - Handicaps

Determination - Great Feats

Determination - Expeditions

Determination - Atomic Research

Honesty - Books

Honesty - Newspapers and Other Media